The malapert bookworm

"Things need not have happened to be true."

30 October 1967
Once upon a time there was a geeky girl who didn't know she was loud and awkward and so managed to have a very happy life, despite the ravages of an on-again-off-again journalism career and (horrors) graduate school. She pursued and obtained the love of her life, marrying in her 30th year and eventually producing two children who are entirely too smart and independent for their own good and who, delightfully enough, are shaping up to be nerds like their parents. Their mom masquerades as a higher-education professional and community-theater booster while secretly pursuing writing as an (a)vocation and crafting as a hobby and watching as much TV and reading as many books as all the above leaves room for. And she is making a fair stab at living, if not happily ever after, then as close as she cares to come.